Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'll make a proper entry once I have more time and once I have slept... I'm up since about 32 hrs and haven't slept a minute 8DD"

I just came back from AUBE and is was ooifdgshdoiagsoid fucking amazing!!!!!!!
I saw them live like FINALLY!!!!!!
They were so super uber cute and omg I love them Q____________Q
To see how they actually move live and to see the expressions on their faces Q_____Q<333

Since today's live was a christmas live, they all did "cosplay" XDD
Akiya was a Snowman
Sae was Santa
Kaito was a reindeer
and Yuuichi....
omg Yuuichi.....
I still don't rly know what he was, but he was wearing .... XDDD .... he was wearing... omg...
kind of a female black santa version... mini skirt (with sexy smiley pants underneath XDD) and santa hat and omg.... his make up was so feminine and pretty Q___Q He looked so stunning and beautiful!!! <333333333333333333 I wish I could have taken a picture from this beauty Q___Q;; but I was too afraid to get killed by all those bangyas around me... omg..... the atmosphere at a Japanese live is so damn strange... especially since you're a foreigner in the midst of all those gyaru-gyas and.. *shudder* ... I don't know XDD

Maaa, I was concentrating on furi so hard (gosh, they have killer furi XD) that I didn't reeeaally remember the setlist.... I think the first song was stare into the void because I don't know that song yet, but I bought the live only single and will hear it soon *_____*
ok ok~

1. Stare into the Void (?)
3. Gekijou
4. Que sera (a song from Aikuru, who also played.. they're like best buddies XD)
5. Towel kyoku

Sadly they didn't have buppan before AUBE played so I didn't have a towel *sob* but I have one now!! bwahahaha... the staff member who sold the merch was so over happy when I bought the towel and the single XDD I'm so happy I could support them a little *___*

ok, AUBE was 2nd last... Aikuru was last... some fans were shouting for an Encore and AIkuru reappeard... then there much bla from their side which didn't interest me, but then... they played one more song.. well, it was Que sera again and and.... Kaito and Yuuichi reappeared on stage!! *OOOOOOOOOOOOO* And they played/sang the song together >www<

Before that, Kaito and Yuuichi also gave Aikuru a christmas present in shape of a cake X3
They were so cute >w<

I don't really remember much from AUBE's MCs, most of it was just funny, no big announcements or so ;___;" ...... unless I missed them XDD
But it was great >w<
And I want that towel song on CD please, it's awesome XDD

Ok, that's all I can write abou so far... I mean I only just arrived here in Tokyo XDD

Tomorrow is the day of all days!!

the GazettE .... Tokyo Dome... halleluja!!

Good night!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am seen. in the future when you fall on ground...

To all the lovely fuckers who thought I wouldn't make it ♥

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the GazettE OHP Info: TOKYO DOME MAP/GOODS/HERESY PRESENT/ Information for the campaign inside Tokyo Dome City】

12.26 A map for the surroundings of TOKYO DOME has been upped!!
Details are here:

★BANDANNA \1,200
★STRAP \1,500
★XUXU \1,500
★CONDOM[8PIECE] \1,800
★BANGLE[RED] \1,800
KEY CASE \2,800
CARD CASE \2,800
★MIRROR \2,800
★ROSARY \4,500
★UNDERWEAR[Lady’s/Men’s] \4,500
★MUFFLER \5,500
SWEAT SET \9,500
BLACK MORAL PACK type-A \5,000
BLACK MORAL PACK type-B \10,000

Merchandise starts selling at 13:00.
※ Depending on the circumstances of the day, there could be the case that the sale starts earlier.


Exclusive for HERESY members, a present has been prepared to commemorate the Tokyo Dome live.

Time of distribution = 13:00~18:00
※Depending on the circumstances of the day, the distribution could start earlier.
Place of the distribution = Ticket booth(Near gate 22)

※ Those who hope to get the present, bring your Tokyo Dome ticket as well as your HERESY member card with you in any case and show it at the ticket booth.
※ Please note that we cannot hand you the present over if you cannot show both of these things.
※ People who are in the midst of enrolling to the fanclub or who have just renewed their membership, please bring a receipt from the post office with you.
※If you enroll on the 26.12., getting the present is possible.
In this case, bring ¥500 + ¥5,000 with you to pay please.


■*12.26 Campaign inside Tokyo Dome City*■
★ People who have a ticket for the live on the 12.26. will get discounts for some shops inside Tokyo Dome City.

★From the 12/26 till the 1/31, GazettE songs will be played on the Big O (Ferris wheel)

Things I WANT:
★STRAP 1,500
★XUXU 1,500
★CARD CASE 2,800
★MIRROR 2,800
★MUFFLER 5,500

Total: 36,700
Yes... this is too much XD"

Things I'm probably going to BUY:
★MIRROR 2,800
★BIG T-SHIRT[BLACK] 4,500 (Depends on the print of course)
★MUFFLER 5,500

Total: 18,900
Yes... that's still too much 8DD""" Whatever...
Plus some stuff for my gf... I'll see what I can get 8DD

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Schedule for Tokyo


★ 12月25日 Meet the whole chaos group in Shinjuku & go to Jishuban Club (13:00)
★ 12月25日 ShinHORI AUBE et al. Christmas Live (17:00)

★ 12月26日 Meet the chaos group again at Tokyo Dome Hotel (9:00)
★ 12月26日 Meet Ruu and her friends at Korakuen Station (12:00)
★ 12月26日 AUBE instore at Like an Edison (14:00)
★ 12月26日 the GazettE at Tokyo Dome (16:30)

★ 12月27日 Lyrics workshop at Mitsui Garden Hotel (11:00-15:00)
★ 12月27日 Golden Bomber (17:00)

★ 12月28日 Shop Tour (11:00-15:00)

★ 12月29日 NEO VOLTAGE (16:30, need to get ticket)

★ 12月30日 Awoi Instore at Zeal Link Shibuya (Open: 11:30, Start: 12:00)
★ 12月30日 Black Hole Final Gig (11:00, need to get ticket)

★ 12月31日 Over The Edge '10 (13:00)


★ 01月07日 己龍-kiryu- et al. - DIG UP NEW STAR Stage.15 (need to get ticket)

★ 01月08日 AUBE instore at Brand-X (18:00)

Lots of events LOL
I hope I'll get at least some more tickets... no clue if anything's sold out yet.. haven't seen anything sold out yet except for Golden Bomber and I already got a ticket for that.
I wonder when I'll have time to go shopping LOL

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today in one week I'll already be in Tokyo and the GazettE's live in Tokyo Dome will already be going on!! It's so near, but it's still so unbelievable!
I'm also super nervous!
Travelling to the other side of the world alone...
Meeting so many new friends over there!
Going to see bands live that I love!!
I'm thrilled!

It's gonna be an awfully big adventure!

I have packed my suitcase already! One t-shirt is missing and some thing from the bathroom that I still need this week lol
Otherwise it stays empty like this! I'm gonna buy so much stuff in Tokyo that I can't afford taking a full suitcase with me! LMAO

I also got almost every ticket I wanted already!
Gazette's Tokyo Dome ticket.
Golden Bomber ticket.
Over the Edge ticket.

My shopping service fucked up and sent me a wrong ticket for the 25th...
I wanted to go to Shinjuku Holiday, not Meguro Rock Maykan, damn..
Well, at least he's bought me a new one and sent it to my hotel, I HOPE! I'll die if I can't see AUBE...

And if everything goes right, I'm gonna get another ticket for Tokyo Dome!!
The FC ticket I got is shit. It's FIRST FLOOR block B... fucking first floor you kidding me? But many other FC members seem to have got 1st floor block B as well... うんこ... FCの意味無い...
But a friend offered me to buy one of their tickets they don't need anymore!!
AND IT'S FUCKING ARENA BLOCK A!!!!! asoidghasodgasodgoasdgasods
If I counted correctly it's the 8th row, DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF RUKI!!!!!
OMG, I can't wait srsly!!!

So, since I'm not at home over christmas, my parents already gave me their present for me <3

I've wanted a DS for so long! I always had to use my brother's for my Denshi Jisho...
And only some days ago I went to my brother saying "hey, you think if I bought one in Japan, it also works here? You think they're cheaper there? I think I'm gonna buy one... but it must be a pink one!" and stuff...
So it was my brother's idea... he's so cute <333333 I love my brother <3333
And the angel should protect me when I am in Japan
<3 I'll miss my family...

And I'll also miss my girlfriend... Really, my trip to Tokyo would be perfect if she could come with me...
But I just have to face it that it's not possible...
What I really hope is that her presents will reach me before I go...
I have no clue what it will be, except for one thing, but I really want to have the things with me when I go... at least that, please...

I hope everything will run smoothly...


I already talked about tickets...
Now there are two tickets that I don't need anymore...

First is the one for Meguro Rock Maykan on the 25th...
Bands are Sel'm, The Candy Spooky Theater, Chemical Pictures / others
Number: 58
Original price 2500 yen, selling it for the same price.
I'll arrive on the 25th and I'll have a very very packed programm that day, but if you want it we can meet somewhere and you just pay it in cash.

The second one is the Gazette ticket...
It's a single HERESY ticket, so probably only something for someone who's going alone!
It's still a good ticket, don't get me wrong, it's probably better than what you'll get at vending machines or other sales... but it's not as good as I wanted it to be.
It's 1st floor, Block B, line 39, Nr. 307
With my shopping service I paid around 150$ for it, but I just want to get rid of it so that it won't go to waste...
Therefore I'm selling it for 10'000 yen.
We'll just meet at Dome and you can pay me in cash (yen please).
NOTE: I'll only sell it after I got the other ticket, I don't want to risk standing there without ticket at all!

If you're interested write me an email: defectivecoma [at]