Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'll make a proper entry once I have more time and once I have slept... I'm up since about 32 hrs and haven't slept a minute 8DD"

I just came back from AUBE and is was ooifdgshdoiagsoid fucking amazing!!!!!!!
I saw them live like FINALLY!!!!!!
They were so super uber cute and omg I love them Q____________Q
To see how they actually move live and to see the expressions on their faces Q_____Q<333

Since today's live was a christmas live, they all did "cosplay" XDD
Akiya was a Snowman
Sae was Santa
Kaito was a reindeer
and Yuuichi....
omg Yuuichi.....
I still don't rly know what he was, but he was wearing .... XDDD .... he was wearing... omg...
kind of a female black santa version... mini skirt (with sexy smiley pants underneath XDD) and santa hat and omg.... his make up was so feminine and pretty Q___Q He looked so stunning and beautiful!!! <333333333333333333 I wish I could have taken a picture from this beauty Q___Q;; but I was too afraid to get killed by all those bangyas around me... omg..... the atmosphere at a Japanese live is so damn strange... especially since you're a foreigner in the midst of all those gyaru-gyas and.. *shudder* ... I don't know XDD

Maaa, I was concentrating on furi so hard (gosh, they have killer furi XD) that I didn't reeeaally remember the setlist.... I think the first song was stare into the void because I don't know that song yet, but I bought the live only single and will hear it soon *_____*
ok ok~

1. Stare into the Void (?)
3. Gekijou
4. Que sera (a song from Aikuru, who also played.. they're like best buddies XD)
5. Towel kyoku

Sadly they didn't have buppan before AUBE played so I didn't have a towel *sob* but I have one now!! bwahahaha... the staff member who sold the merch was so over happy when I bought the towel and the single XDD I'm so happy I could support them a little *___*

ok, AUBE was 2nd last... Aikuru was last... some fans were shouting for an Encore and AIkuru reappeard... then there much bla from their side which didn't interest me, but then... they played one more song.. well, it was Que sera again and and.... Kaito and Yuuichi reappeared on stage!! *OOOOOOOOOOOOO* And they played/sang the song together >www<

Before that, Kaito and Yuuichi also gave Aikuru a christmas present in shape of a cake X3
They were so cute >w<

I don't really remember much from AUBE's MCs, most of it was just funny, no big announcements or so ;___;" ...... unless I missed them XDD
But it was great >w<
And I want that towel song on CD please, it's awesome XDD

Ok, that's all I can write abou so far... I mean I only just arrived here in Tokyo XDD

Tomorrow is the day of all days!!

the GazettE .... Tokyo Dome... halleluja!!

Good night!


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