Sunday, January 2, 2011

gaaaaaaah, there's so much happening herrrre I almost don't have time to update or anything... jst twitter ocasionally, so please go look there XD

Well, I've already written about the christmas event...

Then there was Gazette at Tokyo Dome... like the best day of my life, but that's about what I'm going to say about this day, since I can't and don't want to put my emotions about it into words...

Then I was at the Golden Bomber live and my love for them increased beyond everything I could've ever imagined!! These guys are pure awesomeness and I adore them to bits and pieces!!!
I saw them again at Over The Edge on New Year's eve and it was so freakin' awesome!! They were the first band and it felt like most people came for them, and those who didn't know them before were totally surprised and fascinated by them!! It felt wonderful <3
On the 6th they are releasing a new mini album and they'll be having several instore events around that time... I managed to get tickets together with my friend Jen for one at Like an Edison today and I'm so freakin' happyyyy!! Pure nervousness!!

Then, those who follow Jun-sama's blog for a bit probably know this cute cat he's wearing on several t-shirts... kyaha, I didn't know that before but it's actually one of h.Naoto's design, so I totally went to buy one today!! Plus the super awesome necklace he was wearing in one of the recent DVD's (the date plan movies XD) ... I just had to have it!! I LOVE IT!!

So far it's a wonderful stay here... so much better than last time!!
Somhow everything feels so much more real, I perceive everything so differently than last time and it feels so good <3
I've only been here for a week, but I feel so comfortable here and everything.... it's not like I'm living here, and I think I wouldn't really want to live here, but it feels great to be here for a while <3

Tokyo is wonderful if you only see the good sides of it <3