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I've started translating †ザ・V系っぽい曲† and there are quite a lot of Japanese VK terms in there. I've already known most of them, but there are some I still don't get x___X" (ドマイナー盤? help? x___X)
Well, I then searched google for a glossary of terms, and came accross this and this.
And now... I've translated the first one! :D Some are not translated, I just didn't really get them or I was just too tired to do them XD"
I don't know if something like this already exists in English, because most of it is really Japan specific... most ppl still don't even know what furi is etc D:

But please do with it what you want! :D Best would be if you spread this so that more ppl know a little more about the Japanese VK scene :D
btw, someone gave me this link, which is GREAT! tons of VK terms! way better than this small list! XDD



An abbreviation for "Artist photos"
(there's also the word 写メ (sha-ME) which means a pic posted in a blog by mobile phone)

Aori (= agitation)
When the members face the guest seats and say things like
"Come on!"
And so on to stir the fans up

Retiring from being a fan

An abbreviation for Ankooru (Encore)

From the English word "anti"
Used for bands you hate.

Don't really have to explain this in English ^^;

Ike (lit. = pond)
Means a pretty person (maybe you know the word "ikemen"... well, it's the same, but not only for guys)

An abbr. for Instore Event
It's an event for talking with the band, hand shake, autographs and taking pictures
They take place to commemorate the sale of a new CD
When a band becomes famous they will probably stop doing that

A live house in Osaka/Umeda

A term to describe a fangirl who is liked by the members
Because one doesn't really know whether they are liked, people around them will say "Isn't she a okini?" etc.

The opposite of OKINI
It means to be disliked by the members
Because one doesn't really know whether they are disliked, one says "Isn't she a okira?" etc.

It means Oshare (fashion-conscious, stylish)

An abbr. for Official Homepage

An abbr. for the pictures (画像) from the official homepage
Profile pictures and pics the members use in their blog

O-BANGYA (the kanji means "dirty, unclean"
An abbreviation for an o-ba-san BANGYARU (=an old fan, maybe in their 40ies, 50ies)
because this is a quite rude word, it's not used much, only for oneself

Onben (=sound source)
The songs
It describes a CD

onben GYA
A fan who doesn't participate in a live
A fan who only collects CDs and DVDs


kao fuan (lit. = face anxiety)
Kao fan = Face fan ... A fan who likes bands only for their looks

The right side of the stage from the pov of the fans

An artist who died
A term used to describe artists who broke up
It means: they are not active anymore, but they keep living in my heart

BANGYARU (I'll write the meaning afterwards)→BANGYA→GYA
GYA has the same meaning like BANGYARU, it's just abbreviated

Gyaku-DAI (= Reverse-dive)
A term to describe "diving up side down" (probably in the crowd)

Furukabu (= veteran)
A term to describe someone who likes old VKei bands (from the past)

An abbr. for KOTEKOTE (= heavy, thick)
Someone who dresses up mainly in black.
Punk and Heavy metal garments.
The face is painted white and the lips are black, also fake blood is used.

Raising the fist
A kind of furi (hand movement) that suits death vocals.
With bands who prohibited the saki (described later), you rather raise the fist and jump.

an abbr. for "rolling dive"
A move to turn peoples faces up


zasshoku (= omnivorous *lol*)
It means liking multiple bands

saki・saku (bloom・to bloom)
Extending both hands and calling the name of your favourite member
It means "Emabrace me!"

sakigoe (= blooming voice)
When you do saku and call the name of the member in a high pitched voice

saki kin-ban
A term to describe bands who have prohibited doing saku

saku nori (= climbing the fence [this saku has nothing to do with the saku from before])
At small lives, when fans in the front row step on the fence and do the saki etc.

saku koe (= cross the fence)
Done at small live houses

sarasu (= to expose)
Presenting personal information from a person you hate to the public in the internet (*lol* is thus such a common thing in the VK scene in Japan that it gets its own term? XD")

shikiri (= division)
An act often done by Minor Bands


shuukai (meeting, assembly)
When fans who like a band meet to have fun

shinki (=novelty)
Someone who recently began to like Vkei


seiDAI (back diving)
When someone who is in the front row jumps backwards to do the diving

an abbr. for "seiribangou" (=reference number)

An abbr. for Settorisuto (= setlist)

souji kiri (= )


an abbr. for "Diamond Hall", a live house

Your favourite band・your favourite member

hataki (= duster)


a move where you shake your hands back and forth without stopping to headbang (lol? XDD)

DESUVO = Death Voice
A low, growling like sound
It can be used to shout a member name when this member doesn't like sakigoe

te sensu (hand folding fan)
The most used type of furi (handmovement) at a live
It's difficult to describe...
Please watch the other people when you go to a live!
(They probably mean the furi where you move your (lower) arms back and forth, with open palms; thus the "folding fan" ... ooor it is the one you do above your head, when you turn your hands in and out and make this wave like movement... damn, its really difficult to describe! XDD)
Now I know what it is! It is the furi you do during a solo, aimed at the member who does the solo! you put your hands above your head, a little crossed and wriggle them to side and back! XDD still difficult to describe XD

tsubushi (smashing)
When you kick and hit people you don't like at a live (oh dear XD")

Decora (well, that's just it... Decora XD")

The edge of the kamite

being right in front of the vocal

The edge of the shimote (left side of stage)

dogeza HEDOBAN (= kneeling down headbang)
(watch Gazette lives to see this XD it was the DIM SCENE final where lots of ppl did this.. if I remember correctly XD")


nibu = Nihon Budokan

numa (lit. = swamp)
The opposite of ike (pond)
It means a ugly person
Don't use it for other people


hako (= box)
Means "live house"

ban・bando・bando (written with different kanji. ban = record, tray, shallow bowl. 1st do = soil, earth. 2nd do = time (as in "the first time") ... doesn't make much sense to me XD")
Means "band"

An abbr. for BANDO GYARU (Band girl ... we would say "fangirl")
It means "a girl who attends many lives of Visual Kei bands"
Also see: "GYA"

The male version of BANGYA
Also see: GYAo

fuan (lit. = anxiety, worries, but it sounds (almost) the same as "fan")
A fan

FURAIYA (= flyer)
Well, everyone knows what this is...

Merchandise sold at a live

has to do with the stage diving but bleh x_X"

An abbr. for headbanging
It matches the drums
Shaking the head violently (oversea fans need to do this more! XD)


men・menbaa = member

A live house in Nagoya

abbr. for MEMBAA KOORU = member call

moumoku (= blindness)
when you can think of nothing else but your favourite member (*lol* XD)

Jumping left and right to the rhythm


yokoari (ari is written with the kanji for "ant" XDD)
Yokohama Arena


A word that comes from the word "raivu"
It means live (raivu)


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  1. uwaaa mal wieder was gelernt x3
    Danke für die liste :D
    Ich muss schliesslich ja noch viel lernen aber das sind praktische wörter x3

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  4. Here's what I came up with, maybe it helps you ^^

    hataki (= duster)
    ネットでよってたかって used on the internet
    有る事無い事を中傷する行為 to defame sb. who has sth. or doesn't have sth.
    (hataki can also mean to beat) In my case it would mean that fans of a certain band defame sb. because he/she has sth. they also want to have like a towel or sth. and the other way around they defame sb. because he/she doesn't even own their CDs. Hope that makes some sense to you)

    shikiri (= division)
    An act often done by Minor Bands
    Under some circumstances sometimes ppl (the band?) ask something like "Is there still space in front of the vocal? If there's space left I'd like to go there." to fill the area in front of the stage.
    (Since you've already translated a part I think they mean the band asks their fans to fill the foreground and not the fans each other)

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  6. [総仕切り]
    souji kiri (= )
    This one really made my head spin. There are quite a few kanji I can't find in any of my dictionaries, so maybe they misspelled sth or they used VK phrases (well, or the used words that are not used very often xD) I've got two theories in my head but none of them is really making sense to me. Sorry.

    Nevertheless it's been pretty interesting to get to know those specific words and phrases, though I think I won't be able to keep most of them in my head very long. haha.

    Some of them are really mean, but I think that's what the world is like nowadays *sigh*

    P.S.: sorry for all the doubble posts it always told me my message is too long. argh. >.<

  7. Yuki: ach, ich denk den meisten westlichen fans werden die begriffe ziemlich egal sein XD aber ich finds toll X3 da sieht man mal ein wenig wie das in japn so abläuft XDD

    Leah Elanie: haha, well, I was getting tired and didn't translate some things, sorry XD
    but thanks for putting your thoughts into this! X3 I think your ideas sound really plausible!! that souji kiri also gave me pains x___X I don't really know what to make out of it...
    But yes, I also think it's pretty interesting to get a little insight into the Japanese point of view in the VK scene ^_^ I'm really interested in stuff like this anyways =3
    But about the mean things... it's not different in the west after all XD there are always mean ppl who want to spoil it for others...
    At a Dio concert here in Switzerland there were two girls, dressed normally and not looking as if they would listen to VK at all, but they were really rocking and cool! and then they had two bitches standing behind them, dressed in ugly clothing with even uglier make up, and they constantly made fun of them and even let their cigarette ash fall on them on purpose! one tried to burn their hair and it was just terrible x___X" long story short, mean bitches who think they're the better than the rest are everywhere XD"

  8. Oh du sprichst deutsch *lol* das hätte ich auch mal eher merken können *head desk*

    Ach ich dachte du bräuchtest Hilfe beim übersetzen *lol+ da hab ich das wohl falsch verstanden. Naja egaaal!

    Wow, so etwas krasses hab ich noch nicht mitbekommen. Ich bin auf Konzerten auch eher "normal" unterwegs. Mir ist es wichtiger, dass es bequem ist und ich ordentlich Spaß haben kann. Ich hätte viel zu große Angst, dass meine schönen Kleider etc. kaputt gehen würden auf einem Konzi, deswegen würde ich so etwas niemals tragen. Naja und von im gesamten Geischten verteilten Make up halte ich sowieso nichts. Ich frage mich eigentlich immer was die Bands davon halten.
    Bisher hatte ich zum Glück noch keine Diss-Erlebnisse. Leider wird man auch sehr oft so abgecheckt von den Fans. Ich versteh das nicht wirklich. Ich freue mich darüber, dass die Szene gewachsen ist und somit viel mehr Bands hierher kommen, aber die meisten versuchen nur noch irgendetwas schlechtes an den anderen zu finden. Schade eigentlich.

    Ich dachte, dass diese Rivalität in Japan nicht so stark ausgeprägt ist, aber wenn es solche Worte gibt, wird's wohl auch nicht anders sein.

    Als ich in Japan war, habe ich davon gar nichts mitbekommen (vllt hab ichs auch einfach nciht verstanden *lol*), aber da waren alle total lieb und haben mich sogar noch vorgelassen. War woh lder Ausländerbonus.