Friday, April 30, 2010

Böh, ich hab heut ne stunde länger englisch D:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heute ist Col Tempo Tag Q__Q

Ist es für ein mädchen nicht das normalste der welt sich nen bh zu kaufen? Ich hab mir eben grad bei h&m meine beiden ersten richtigen bhs gekauft x.X das kommt davon wenn man jahrelang versucht keine frau zu werden weil man lieber keine wär und deshalb auch keine titten haben möchte.. Wenigstens sehen diese unbequemen stoffteile ganz hübsch aus..

Actually I wanted to wear real Lolita today, but I just don't have the courage.. =__=~
I really need something less sweet and more classic *drop*
So it's just something casual that happens to have a Bodyline skirt somewhere inbetween... *drop*
And lot's of stuff around my neck 8D"

And my pupe tried to imitate me XD"

Irgendwie kriegt man da voll das Gefühl pupe hat sich mitm WWF zusammengetan 8DD
Die Plüschies sind sau niedlich, die Katzensachen auch... aber der Rest.. naaah XD"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Awesome XD

But I gotta go now >->~

M-My chocomint order finally arrived!! *~~~*

Pure prettiness!! *O*
And finally there's more pink in my usually more mint chocomint items! XD

Let's start with my favourite!!
Finally I've got moko moko!! XD

This is quite a mokomoko deluxe! XD
I mean, look at this super cute charm!! *^*

You can even take it off of your scrunchie >w<
My hair almost dissapears when I make a ponytail with it O_O""

Then there are various hairpins~

These two are made of a very soft material! It feels so nice to touch them! *pets*
I also have a new candy hairpin in lavender but I already have one in mint so it's nothing really new XD"

This one's so cute as well~ In biscuit style~
I love all the details! But gosh, this is heavy! XD I wonder whether it will stay in place when I put it into my thin hair XD" But you can also use it as a brooch, and that's what I'm doing right now 8D

This one reminded me so much of the ones that AP make!!
I actually thought "well, you probably get two of them" but nope, you get only one XD
I gotta order another one later then >_>
It's a bit loose on my wrist though ;_;

So, that was it~
Today I'm gonna visit my new workplace with my dad.. he works at the same place like I'm going to so he offered to show me around before I'm starting to work next Monday XD
I'm so excited~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEiS】 - the other side of paradeis
romaji and translation by me~

I have every joy and pain.
What will disappear next?
Among the sun and darkness
the other side of paradeis.









the other side of paradeis…


the other side of paradeis

I have every joy and pain.
What will disappear next?
Among the sun and darkness
the other side of paradeis.

kizukeba atari ni wa
mou dare mo inai
tsumetai mukishitsu na
kanjou ni yurete

omoeba itsu datte
akogareta hikari wo sagashite
daishou ni nani ka ga kieta

mimi wo chigiri kao sumashita
me wo fusetara
soko e tsuiraku suru

nee ?
hito wa doushite
kizu tsukeau no ?
kanashimi wo doushite
unde shimau no ?

sono kotae wo shirazu
hohoemu boku ga
kiete shimatta no wa
itsu datta ?

nagerarenai sai ga
jama wo shite iru

kowarete shimaeba
raku nan darou ka ?

soredemo doko ka de
shinjite iru no

soko ni aru
the other side of paradeis…

yagate tadori tsuku
subete no ketsumatsu ga
ayamachi de arou to
sou ...
nani mo sezu owari wo
osoreru yori mo
boku wa shinjitai kara
aruku no darou

the other side of paradeis

I have every joy and pain.
What will disappear next?
Among the sun and darkness
the other side of paradeis.

In these surroundings that I recognize
There is no one
I'm shaking from
This cold metallic feeling

No matter when I think about it
I'm looking for the light I longed for
Something vanished into this compensation

I opened my ears and made an unconcerned face
If I cast my eyes down
I would fall to the bottom

Right ?
Why do people
Hurt each other ?
Why must there be
Sadness ?

Not knowing this answer
The laughing me
When was it
That it disappeared ?

This shell I cannot cast away
Is hindering me

If I ended up being broken
What would be my comfort ?

Nevertheless, I wonder whether
You believe me in some respects

There is
the other side of paradeis…

Soon I finally reach it
Probably all my conclusions have
Some faults
So ...
I do not care
Without doing anything I am more than anything
Afraid of the end
Because I want to believe I wonder
Whether I will walk

Nicht mehr lange bis Col・Tempo

Saturday, April 24, 2010

ich brenne darauf zeug gefragt zu werden~ XDD

Die Schuhe heute waren ein Ansporn zum weiter nähen~
Ich hab den Rock jetzt fertig, auch wenn er ziemlich billig aussieht .__.
Und die unterste Reihe Spitze fehlt immer noch... aber egal >_>

Die Herzen und so weiter drauf zu nähen war ein krampf >>
zwei mal musste ich eins wieder lösen weils zu weit oben war und jetzt hats Löcher im Stoff *drop*

Sieht das nicht nett aus? 8DDDDDD"

Yay, noch die Veste und die Stulpen~

btw, ich hab heute meinen Salespost total umgebaut... und neues Zeug on gestellt das ich nich mehr haben will >_>
Schaut doch mal vorbei >w<
~ Clothes ~
~ CDs, DVDs, Magazines, Merchandise ~

"How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world
That has such people in't."

ich bin traumatisiert fürs leben...

I got shoes today!!
My shoes order from Bodyline arrived!
These are the shoes that I'll need for my Mashiro Cosplay~

I actually only paid attention to the straps, so that they are right...
So these are the ones I bought:

They're soooo pretty! I was so delighted when I took them out of the paper wrapping~
(although I was worried at first that they are too small because they look so tiny! but they actually fit perfectly~ my feet are tiny anyway 8D)

They're shiny and elegant and so cute!
And they have two bows each!!

One in the front...

and one in the back~

There's that pattern on the border that is so typical for Lolita shoes... I don't really like it when it's too big, but like this it looks lovely~

The straps are typically Bodyline:

Clip to close the shoes... you can change it two 3 holes in total...

The front straps have an elastic, which is pretty convenient~

And this is the sole 8D

I can only repeat it but I LOVE Bodyline shoes (it's already my fourth pair of shoes by them)! I'm never worried about buying shoes from them... I have never been disappointed~

Price: 33$ for these shoes is great! But the shipping made them more expensive
Shipping: I used EMS this time because DHL was a bitch last time. I paid more for the shipping but I ordered on Thursday, now it's Saturday!! THIS is what I call fast o.o
Quality: So far I think it's great, but we will see after I've used them for some time~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today's outfit...
It's a Bodyline JSK with other stuff layered 8D
I love that brown top that is not really a shirt but also not really a dress... and lately I'm fond of my poncho!! it's perfect for spring weather when it's not really hot but also too cool to wear no "jacket" at all!

My scarf turned out to be so beautiful!!
If you have bright white fabrics you want to add a more antique look to, I can really recommend dyeing with tea~
I have no clue why this post turned out in English o.o"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ich muss ja sagen... so ein bisschen (sehr) haben sies mir ja schon angetan 8D"