Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I really hate stealing ideas.
I hate it even more when people steal ideas to get there own minutes of fame.
And I even more hate it, when they're stealing MY ideas.
I love my community, I really do, and I worked hard until I got it as far as it has come now.
I'm super proud of it, also if there are things about it, that are really messy and that I'd do differently now.
But people are thankful for it, I know that.
Only 5 lyrics missing and it will be the completest collection of Gazette lyrics that exists in this world, and I'm really really proud that I could help putting it together.
Then there are people who take some random other band, copy the rules and lyrics directory, change some words, delete some rules here and there, change the directory with lyrics of that other band (but basically keep the layout), make the same stuff with the flags I did some time ago (IT WON'T WORK SO JUST FORGET IT!!!!) and then are super awesome because they've done something great. ha, they even copy my style of talking to the members of the community!! and yes, I DO talk differently when writing a mod post in this community. Dun ask me why, I usually don't behave like that. It's the modly powers or whatever...
But you know what... I'd have never guessed that I'm such an awesome role model! *ROFL*
What an honor!!
I'm just super thrilled to know whether their idea of fame gathering actually works and people will post their own translations, or whether that comm will be full of translations that are just copied from somewhere without knowing whether they could actually be correct.
And then, after all of that, they have the guts to ask whether I'd like to affiliate! HA!!
That actually happened a couple days, weeks, whatever ago... but today I joined to see what was actually happening in there and now I'm amused :D
One reason why gazette_lyrics is NOT members only is because everyone who can't understand the lyrics should be able to read the translations, because everyone should have a chance to understand what Ruki sings about, also people who don't use LJ.
THIS is what is important to me.
I came to the point where I don't CARE about credits and stuff anymore. People will copy-paste your translations without crediting ANYWAYS. You can tell them as much as you like. Some people do credit, but with your friend google you will soon find people who don't. Mostly these are people who are mass copy-pasting your stuff and feel awesome because, yes, they've done something great and because they will get many "OH-THANK-YOU-I-WAS-LOOKING-EVERYWHERE-FOR-THIS-TRANSLATION"s... the so called 5 minute fame. Nice as long as it lasts, annoying for those who actually put some effort in it.
But that's a whole other issue and has nothing to do with what I actually started off. lol.

Sooo.. now I dunno anymore what to say :D
I'm done I guess.

I feel like continue drawing A-chan now... he's already in my PC. ♥ Now he needs to be made beautiful!

Oh, yeah, because R-chan wants to post it because he thinks it fits, here you have the cutest strawberry in the world



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