Saturday, June 26, 2010


Damn, it leaked SO early o.o""

But now I regret not having preordered the Kuroshitsuji version as well
Ah, those lyrics~ T___T *heartbreak*

My love for Gaze is as ardent as ever.
I want to never lose them.

edit: LOL at ppl saying SHIVER sounds like shit and Gazette change oh so much and blah blah blah when SHIVER actually sounds so much like their older songs from around Disorder or gama... (guitars = love)
I'm especially annoyed by people who judge it as "shit" when they have only heard 30 seconds from the preview... It's shallow as hell. Why do they even care and listen to them when they think that Gaze only produces garbage?!


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  1. totally know what you mean - its always the same discussion isnt it?
    i remember waiting in line at their first big tour in the west and even then girls there were nonstop complaining about their (back then) new album and how its shit.
    but when they didnt like the songs why go to a concert where they would mainly be playing those songs?? all this bitching everytime they release something new is getting really old now <<
    over the years they never lost what typically made them gazette but if people dont like them - fine but then keep it down (_ __;)

  2. oops, I arrived here accidentally, but.. your blog sure is cute! <3 I'll follow you ^^ /


  3. halo! i'm visiting here and think that ur blog is cute! totemo ne! :)
    i've followed you and hope you can do the same!
    keep in touch ya! :)

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