Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sometimes I wish I could be like I was some years ago...
Look like that...
Feel like that...
Have the same passion about the things I love like before...
But somehow I feel that this "me" is lost.


3 Kommentare:

  1. seems like we get the feeling of what it means to be adult, huh..? v-v
    haah~ where's neverland gone? and why? Q___Q"""

  2. *nodnod* yes! that's what I thought too... I'm not that carefree teenager anymore v.v ... although I wish I would be .___. *sigh*
    I'm wondering too T__T" ... it's gone, eh v__v .. maybe it will come again, when we can finally be together.. when we're settled and have a wonderful life together Q__Q~<3

  3. yah.. I mean.. we're just in the 20th.. we're still so young T_____T oh my.. hopefully it won't get worst with 30 and so on x_____x
    awwn that's sounds nice.. I hope our Neverland will come back! I'll be Peter and you're gonna be my tinkerbell.. 'cause I can't stand wendy |D