Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thinking about it now, it really should have been clear that they weren't going to show them...
haha, yes, now everyone is complaining about gazette/psc/whoever making money out of not showing the performance 8D
but that's life, that's business.
If now the Gaze members themselves (not the company...) get some more money because of this, WHATEVER! If the Gazemen can have a nice living because of the money I spend on them, I don't fucking care because I love them.
Love makes blind, and I might be blind, but I support them in everything they're doing.
I will forgive them everything that might have disappointed me (again not the company).
I will always love their music, no matter if some people say "oooh, but it all sounds the same it's so boring!!!!! *whine*" (mostly the same people who wished that they had the "old" Gazette back, whatever that is... Gazette are Gazette, no one can change this.) and I will always buy their CDs and DVDs as long as I can afford it.

I just love them too much.
They're a too big part of my live to be concerned about something like having to spend more money to see them.


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