Friday, November 13, 2009

Today I made a new friend!!
Since I have to be in Zurich so early, I always have to take the 6.01 train in Thun and change trains in Bern for Zurich. So every Friday, when I have to be so early, I saw that girl who has purple skull candy earphones. I didn't think much of it, lots of people have those earphones nowadays. Well, last Friday, she sat opposite of me and was drawing some manga-style drawings (while I was straining me brain to learn dorama vocabulary 8D). Well, I already thought "Oh! Cool!". But since I'm shy, I couldn't say a word. Well, today, I was wearing my An cafe T-shirt, and she sat opposite of me again. And shortly before we got up to leave the train, she showed me her mp3 player: An cafe - Ryuusei Rocket.
I was like "wueeeeh~" 8DDDDDDD

Besides that...
I'm really sick! XD"
But I'm soooo proud of myself that I didn't go back home after half of the day!
But now I feel reeeeaaally dead...
I'm so tired >_>

But now... it's weekend!! *O*
*ish happy*


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