Sunday, November 15, 2009

Geil XD"
No matter how cute you are... you always make me laugh when you sing XD"
But you sound like on the CD, what means that your effort is constant, what means... you could still improve, and I'm waiting for the day you take singing lessons!! >_>
Mashi-tan, you could be great!!
And I know that you have already fans all over the world because of your looks (me included) but you could get even more fans if you could actually sing!! T___T
(Why am I always talking about Mashiro in second person?? *drop*)

Anyways, this band must be so much fun live, looking at that furi!! X333 I would love to see them live one day T___T
But I guess they are mainly in Osaka, or just not in Tokyo, what makes it even more difficult than if they were in Tokyo T_T"

I have only see the first 30 seconds of that vid, and I already love it!
This band is one kind of Visual kei that I adore so much!!
Candy for the eye, so to say...
Like SuG's new PV, for example. (although that's yet another kind of VK)

Mashi-tan's headbanging is great 8D


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