Friday, November 13, 2009

My fur contest entry... (Block A)
This time I also tried with brown...
But I dun think it will help 8D

In other news...
I'm sick.
My nose keeps running as if the devil were after her 8D"
I feel like shit... the whole programme.
And still I have to get up at five o'clock to go to uni...
Wait a sec....
at five o'clock??
And now it's 4.30?!?!
Yeah, I couldn't sleeep T___T
I'm so tired now!
I went to bed relatively early but after that my sleep was either non existant or very shallow, and around four o'clock I began thinking about the limiteds that would be up at catherine's shop... but they'll only be up at 10 am. here... which sucks...
This weekend I only want to sleep and do nothing more T____T *sob*


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  1. du gehst heute sowas von früh ins bett, ey!! DDDD: mein armes bb T__T