Saturday, November 21, 2009

So... finally unpacked the stuff...

First impressions:


The shoes themselves look very pretty, and I think they could be quite comfy, as far as such shoes can be.
The bows are removable. However, one of them was pratically the wrong way. I will have to fix that.
You can close the strap with a button. At first I was shocked because I thought the strap was way too short. But you can vary the length by opening the buckle, so that was no problem after all.

The Dress

I haven't found any deficits so far. Apart from having ordered probably one size to big *lol*
One of the bows on the sleeves is a little crooked and not really pretty though )=
But I can overlook this.
Confident girls can wear this as a dress, but I would suggest (like they do on their homepage) to wear a skirt or leggins beneath it. I will certainly do this as well *sweat*
The big bow on the back is removable, as is the one on the hoodie. The hoodie has small cat ears by the way :D
And there's a zipper at the front! Very practical!

The Legwarmers
No picture of them XDD
I love them, they are very pretty, but for a girl with fat legs like me, they are not really suitable T_T
Alas, you cannot adjust them on the top. I thouht so at first, but I guess that's only possible if you put some of your own sewing work into it, which I will probably do as well.
Somehow I also think that the sizes of the two are unequal o_O"
But that might just be me XD

Despite paying a horrendous sum for customs, I'm pretty happy with what I bought
I can definitely reccomd the cute dress! It's really comfy with the fabric they used. *doesn't want to put it off anymore*

And darlyn, your "thing" came as well, and it is soooo gorgeous!!! Look forward to it *____*


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  1. I'm looking forward~!! >www<
    I'm also looking forward to see you like this <3.