Tuesday, November 17, 2009

things that can soon be found in my closet

Wonderful shoes! they're so cute! And pretty!
I love the bows! Well, I love everything with bows, but they're really big, and definitely a fashion point!
I ordered them in black, but I'd love to have them in all colors XD

Knee high leg warmers!
Since my legs are fat, I'm still not sure whether they will suit me T_T
But I really hope they will! I'm really excited to have them!
I ordered version A.

I couldn't resist this cute dress!
It's like a cardigan, sort of, but a dress at the same time, and it has a huge bow on the back! *O*
And a bow on the hoodie, as well as neko mimi! *O*
I ordered the pink version


2 Kommentare:

  1. hi ^^
    awww jetz hab ich schon bisher deinen ganzen blog angeschaut hehe :D
    voll toll ^^/
    öm ich wollt fragen auf welcher seite du die sachen dort bestellt hast?
    der cardigan mit den schleifchen is so süß *3*/
    lg <3

  2. hey! wow nich schlecht XDD
    ich hab die sachen von hier ^-^