Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today I was shopping in Bern together with my mum [heart.gif]
We bought a lot, somehow XD
We've been in thousands of clothes shops 8D
But I didn't really want anything because my package with the Body Line stuff sould arrive soon
My mum wanted to buy me a vest for 59.90 SFr. D:
But I didn't want it >_>
She was so nice to me Q_Q I felt so bad!! T____T

But she got me other stuffs Q_Q

Brown Poncho!
Fits lovely with the baby pink of my parka

Aaaand~ Hello Kitty stuffs!
Toilet bag *O*

And Bubble bath with Strawberry scent! *O*

And Lipbalm X3
It will be an x-mas present for my mum XD


1 Kommentare:

  1. der poncho schauts flauschig aus >www<

    und ganz viel HK stuff!! >wwwwww< pupe ole! XD