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Hello pupe fans! ^_^
This is again a part of my pupe FAQ.
Please excuse my English! ^_^;
This time the theme is:

~ How to make lots of ribbons ~

Every pupe likes to buy lots of stuff when a new event comes out, but not seldomly there are not enough ribbons to buy all the cute things that you want.
So how can you get a decent amount of ribbons without uploading tons of items?
There are some tips how to get more ribbons!
This is entirely based on my own experience on pupe! You might not like some things, but this is just how it works on a japanese site like pupe that is fixed on cute things.

#1 Many fan pupes
Let me start by saying that this is an entirely personal choice. Also, I would say that it is not absolutely necessary. But yes, you DO get more comments the more fan pupes you have, because more people will see your items on the "Latest clothes of poupee friends" list.
However, I do understand that there are pupes who want to have only a handful pupe friends whom they comment on and hopefully get comments back! ^_^

#2 Write comments!
Make yourself noticed by writing comments to your fan pupes! I've noticed that I recognize several pupes by their kind of "signature". Many pupes have unique comment stamps by which they are being recognized. I don't have such a stamp, but I still post comments, most often only icon comments, but people are likely to comment back because they've got comment ribbons from you!
Still, a nicely written comment regarding the item will probably more likely get a response than an icon comment!

#3 Take nice photos
It's a question of the presentation of your items whether pupes want to comment on your items or not. A blouse that is hanging on a hanger doesn't look as nicely as one that is laid out on your bed/floor.
Some tips on how to take pretty pictures:
★Take your photos in daylight! No artificial light! Look for a light spot with sunlight! But do not take your photos outdoors!
★ For small things like bags or accessories especially, look for a nice background and some decorations! Perls or plastic flowers etc. are a popular motive. For clothes (like onepieces) you could buy a big size of pretty fabric light to use as a background.
BUT REMEMBER: Your item should be the main focus of the picture! Do not suff your background too much! People should recognize in the preview picture what you want to present!
Take many pictures of an item, not only one! take the pictures in different angles, upload them on your computer and decide which one looks best.
★ You can use your computer to make you picture look more nicely. Add a sparkly border or let the picture fade out at the borders. take care that your picture doesn't get too stuffed with sparkles and not too bright! I often have to fight with this myself ^_^;
★ Put your name/watermark on it! Make it look decent and not too dark. It should not be visible in the preview picture.

#4 Post only one item a day!
This is really important! Do NOT post 5 items or more in a row! Only the latest posted item will appear in the lists of "Latest posted clothing" and the other items will disappear unnoticed. Give your item some time to get noticed and commented on! In the beginning it's okay to post ONE item every one or two days! I also started like this. Then I decided to post a new item as soon as my latest item got 100 sutekis. Maybe you could start with 50 sutekis? Or 50 comments, whatever you prefer. ^_^ Now I only post an item every two weeks or so!

#5 Post generally cute items
My tastes of fashion have changed severly since I'm a pupe! I bought more and more cute items to post them on pupe! I LOVE cute stuff, so I don't have a problem with that. However, not everyone is into cute items, what is understandable. However, I notice myself what a big difference it makes whether you post a cute strawberry hairclip or eg. a perfume. Things like perfumes are generally problematic, unless the bottle is cute, because pupes cannot smell them through the computer!
Take a look at the suteki ranking and flip through the pages to see which kinds of items are popular!
But remeber: EVERY item can reach the top suteki ranking if you put some effort in it! Just take good care of how you present your items on the picture!

#6 Don't only take one snapshot a day
You can also make yourself noticed by taking a snapshot more than only once a day!
However, do not overdo it, because it will end up being annoying if someone sees your pupe's face on their friendslist all the time!

#7 Sell old items
This is probably only a tip for pupes who have been on pupe for a year or more. But everyone can try this! Once you have a decent number of items in your pupe's closet, sell stuff and keep the number of items in your closet limited! Go through ALL the categories of the closet and decide "What does your pupe wear often and what never?". Sell whatever you do not need! Even if it's for only 5 ribbons! Sell everything that you do not absolutely need, even if you think "I might use this some time in the future, maybe"... you probably won't! Maybe you also have rare items you never use that you could sell for a lot! Don't keep it only because it's rare.
I'm doing this from time to time and my number of ribbons keeps rising constantly, even with events going on and stuff ^_^
(Such a garage sale can look like this XD)

How to sell items effectively:
★ Take a look at: Learn how to use this site! There's also an add on for Firefox which is really useful.
★ Don't start with a low price. Rather try to sell your items for too much than for too little. You can still go down with your price. But maybe someone buys your item also for a higher price,
★ Use the "Change price" button a lot. Your item will appear on the top page more often if you do.
★ Don't wait too long! if your item hasn't sold for hours, chances that you will ever sell it at the price that you have set is really low. Wait for at maximum a day, then change the price.
If you really want to get rid of an item, go down with the price until someone buys it instantly!

#8 Set yourself a ribbon limit!
Let's say you have just made 1000 ribbons through selling stuff! Now you have 1500 ribbons, but the next event has already started in Catherine's shop. Now you should first wait for limited items and only buy one or two piecs from the new event. Now you have 1300 ribbons. It's time to set yourself a limit. Say, you only want to spend 300 ribbons more, so that you stay over 1000 ribbons. It's a good feeling if you reach that goal!
If you have set a ribbon limit, you will notice that your ribbon number will constantly go up!! Suddenly you will have 2000 ribbons and you can set your limit at 1500, for example.
Some months ago my limit was at 2000, now it's somewhere between 8000 and 9000 >_>
Like this you have an emergency supply and you will always have enough ribbons to buy everything you want!

I hope this helps a little!
If you have more tips please share them! ^_^

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