Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today pupe finally got a new toy!
We are now able to sell our Jewel items! Oh happy day!!
I actually hate auctions, so I will probably never BUY anything, but I'm very willing to sell my things!

This is how the section looks like.

And this is how it works:

First you spot an item you want in the furima.
On the top is the original price and in the middle the current price of the item. The last box is self-explanatory.
If you want to bid on this item, you have to click on it to see all the information.

I didn't go further, but I suppose then you will see a box where you can put in the amount of jewels you want to buy the item for.

If you wanna sell an item, you have to go to your closet listing like you would sell a ribbon item. Then you search for your Jewel items. At the moment it is only possible to auction Jewel items from the first Jewel event.

Okay now you've found the item you don't want anymore. Click "Sell at jewel auction".
This will appear:

You have to check the box in the second step.
Apparently you can only have 10 auctions a month. So calculate well what you wanna sell, and if your price is appropraite. If nobody bids on your item, I guess the auction will be counted as well.

Someone has already bid on my item! *O* Thanks!
My starting bid was 90 Jewels, which is the original price of this item. That means I'm gonna make a little profit! :D
The auction will last some hours still, but if you decide to already sell the item, you can click on "Sell now".

Well then, happy bidding!


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