Saturday, April 24, 2010

I got shoes today!!
My shoes order from Bodyline arrived!
These are the shoes that I'll need for my Mashiro Cosplay~

I actually only paid attention to the straps, so that they are right...
So these are the ones I bought:

They're soooo pretty! I was so delighted when I took them out of the paper wrapping~
(although I was worried at first that they are too small because they look so tiny! but they actually fit perfectly~ my feet are tiny anyway 8D)

They're shiny and elegant and so cute!
And they have two bows each!!

One in the front...

and one in the back~

There's that pattern on the border that is so typical for Lolita shoes... I don't really like it when it's too big, but like this it looks lovely~

The straps are typically Bodyline:

Clip to close the shoes... you can change it two 3 holes in total...

The front straps have an elastic, which is pretty convenient~

And this is the sole 8D

I can only repeat it but I LOVE Bodyline shoes (it's already my fourth pair of shoes by them)! I'm never worried about buying shoes from them... I have never been disappointed~

Price: 33$ for these shoes is great! But the shipping made them more expensive
Shipping: I used EMS this time because DHL was a bitch last time. I paid more for the shipping but I ordered on Thursday, now it's Saturday!! THIS is what I call fast o.o
Quality: So far I think it's great, but we will see after I've used them for some time~


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