Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today I could pick up my Golden Bomber ticket *____*
I thought at first I had quite a bad place on the 2nd floor, but now I realized it's 1st floor standing!! and a pretty goog number as well!! *___*
I'm so so so happy!!

So, today I also sent my fanletter to Jun... I wanted to do this for about 3 weeks now and never got around to do it w
I wrote that I hope I could get a ticket, which has become, in the meantime, quite unnecessary, of course www

I hope it won't be too embarrassing~

Then... I get more and more excited for Tokyo!! I hope it's going to be as awesome as I imagine, though I'm still hella afraid www

Anyways... why should one buy a Tokyo guide, when I can make my own? www

Looks a little plain and naked, so I'll have to beautify it before I go.. but I love it already XD

And it has only the maps in there that I need! Clothes and CD shops, and live houses XD

And this is a map of Takeshita-doori tha I found in the internet o.o So I don't know how accurate it is today, but well... Takeshita is full of awesome shops anyways and you just have to walk through it, fufufu~

Now I only need a train map or something like this, but that will certainly be available there~

So... now I need to do homework again~

See ya!


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