Monday, June 1, 2009

Q. What were your first impressions of each other? Have they changed since then?

Shin: Reno looked pornographic, Ryoga looked like a “Violettina”, IV looked like a little brat, and ko-ki looked like a king.
Reno: Well, they were all their natural selves from the beginning, so I didn’t have any strong impressions about them. I thought they were all easy to talk to and also funny.
Ryoga: Shin is good-looking but I didn’t think he was as funny as he is now. Reno looked like a sexy guy, IV was glittery, and ko-ki looked like a woman.
IV: We were all polite to one another at the beginning, but now we are joking and fooling around.
Ko-ki: I thought Shin was all so perfect and strict about everything, but now I think he has some sort of funny personality. Reno looked like this rough guy, and he still does in a way. Ryoga looked cool and rugged, but now I think he is a typical person with blood type AB! IV looked full of talent, and I’ve learned that he is a real hard worker.

Nyahahaha, I love them XDD


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