Wednesday, February 10, 2010

neeeeeeheiiiiin.. ich will nicht dass es endet!!! T__________T

und omg... bb, ich musste da so sehr ans beauty denken XD (Er ist blind geworden T___T;;)

Most of the morning was spent in the open air. I led him out of the wet and wild wood into some cheerful fields: I described to him how brilliantly green they were; how the flowers and hedges looked refreshed; how sparkingly blue was the sky. I sought a seat for him in a hidden and lovely spot: a dry stump of a tree; nor did I refuse to let him, when seated, place me on his knee: why should I, when both he and I were happier near than apart?

Mist, jetzt krieg ich voll bock drauf da weiter zu playen XDD""

edit: jetzt bin ich fertig T___T


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