Tuesday, April 27, 2010

M-My chocomint order finally arrived!! *~~~*

Pure prettiness!! *O*
And finally there's more pink in my usually more mint chocomint items! XD

Let's start with my favourite!!
Finally I've got moko moko!! XD

This is quite a mokomoko deluxe! XD
I mean, look at this super cute charm!! *^*

You can even take it off of your scrunchie >w<
My hair almost dissapears when I make a ponytail with it O_O""

Then there are various hairpins~

These two are made of a very soft material! It feels so nice to touch them! *pets*
I also have a new candy hairpin in lavender but I already have one in mint so it's nothing really new XD"

This one's so cute as well~ In biscuit style~
I love all the details! But gosh, this is heavy! XD I wonder whether it will stay in place when I put it into my thin hair XD" But you can also use it as a brooch, and that's what I'm doing right now 8D

This one reminded me so much of the ones that AP make!!
I actually thought "well, you probably get two of them" but nope, you get only one XD
I gotta order another one later then >_>
It's a bit loose on my wrist though ;_;

So, that was it~
Today I'm gonna visit my new workplace with my dad.. he works at the same place like I'm going to so he offered to show me around before I'm starting to work next Monday XD
I'm so excited~


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