Sunday, July 11, 2010

I actually really hate my real name... I feel awkward when telling anyone "My name is *peeep*"... I feel awkward, too, when someone's calling me by my real name...
When I was still in school, eeeeeeeeeveryone called me Toki.. I don't know how that came, but I loved it and I love the name Toki. I would love to change my real name into this one.
Nowadays no one is calling me Toki though, except for close friends. It saddens me quite a bit D:
However, I started contemplating about my second real name (yeah, I have one). Actually I always hated that too... my parents always told me they didn't want to call me that as my first name because it's a name that can be mutilated quite easily in my language *lol* But it's actually a really pretty name D:
And now.. when I think of it... it actually sounds like a Japanese name, too XD" It's just a matter of L and R....
Now I wish people would know me by my second name, rather than by my first... I guess when meeting new people I will always introduce myself with my second name from now on 8D

whew, that was random...


1 Kommentare:

  1. Chasch offiziell din zweite vorname zum erste mache :3
    wenn der das aber zviel isch, vorstelle langet ja.
    weiss aber din zweite vorname nüme D: