Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Phew, finally I found some time to post these pictures!!

I met Chibi on Sunday after a really long time, and this is what I wore~

My Milky-chan replica arrived last week and I used it for a summer outfit >>
Didn't care about any rules in that heat 8DD"

Theeeeeeeen, my Yumetenbou order finally arrived! *O*
It's been a long time since I've last ordered from them, so I'm really happy now~

New wallet... it's the same as my old one, but the upgraded version! XD Bigger bow, heart jewel detail... and this time I got it in white, not in pink~

I was looking for one for such a long time! But the one I wanted at Bodyline was sold out D: Then I saw this one~
I also got it in white, but I was wearing it when I took the photos 8D

These are actually pants, but they look like a skirt! XDD
I love them!! *O* Even with my fat legs!!

And finally~

My summer shoes!! Q____Q~
The black ones I bought lately are already worn out *drop*
These ones are a bit tight, and the places where the bows are really press against my feet, but they're so lovely!! *^*

Yay, that was it~
Have a nice evening~


3 Kommentare:

  1. Aww, so cute~♥
    omigosh! The shoes are so pretty, too bad they aren't a little more comfortable.

  2. oh my god... SO cute stuff!!! >__<
    is there a english version?? or just the japanese shoß?? Q__Q
    I can't read japanese... -.-

  3. @Kerous: Yes, they destroyed my feet today, but I hope they will get comfier with time ^_^

    @Caddü: No there's only a japanese shop ^^