Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wow, I've never ever been out of bed so quickly than this morning 8DD
It was half past eight and I was sleeping soundly, when the door bell began ringing like crazy.. I knew it was the post man and I knew what he would bring on a Saturday...
So I hurried out of bed, dressed myself halfway to the door and as he was about to leave I opened the door... and really!! Q________Q


My babies arrived savely!! ;^;
They're so pretty and so elegant and.. hah~ I'm so happy!
And I love the little calendar!! I was sad that two years ago or so, when Brand-X also sent calendars when you purchased two singles I didn't get one because I always ordered with CD Japan...
But now I have one!! *O* *luv*

Then.. I was already worrying about having enough space for ONE poster, but it came with TWO posters!! My walls are full already, how and where should I hang them up?! DD:

And finally...
I don't know whether the postcards are always different kinds of motives, or whether the Sebastian/Ciel one is standard, but I'm really happy about that one!! *O* I love Sebastian and Ciel >w<
The Alois/Claude one was on the back of the CD, as a kind of cover... but I dislike them both and I don't know whether I will ever like them.. but well XDD

I'm really happy now >w<


2 Kommentare:

  1. wegen dem posterproblem..... ich sag nur DECKE. XDDDDDDDDD aber der minikalendar is endscool!! *O*

  2. *lach* jaaa decke wär ne echt gute lösung, aber da komm ich nie ran und dann wüsste ich auch nicht wie ich die da befestigen soll! XDD ich hätt voll schiss sie zu zerreissen oder so XDDDD oh ja, das ist eeeer!! *O* so ein hübsches teil >w<