Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello dear stalkers~ ^_^
I'm living a happy life at my gf's place atm and besides lazying around we're doing quite a lot of stuff 8D
Well, this post is really just a photo dump of the pics from the past days~

I got a new camera and I loooove its color!!

Omnomnom 8D
These were for yesterday's dinner~
But it was not us who ate them 8DDD *roll*
It was great~ !

Today we went to Düsseldorf~

With my bb >w<

Well, I didn't really buy much after all 8D
They a two Shulla posters for sale... A big one and a smaller one with autographs T_T
But they were so expensive T^T~~~~~~~~~~
I didn't buy them T___T"" Maybe I should have just done it >_>
too late...

And we made puris~
They turned out super pretty!!
*sticks them on everything*

Aaaand, today we made Japanese stuff 8DD

I'm terribly happy with everything~
I have a wonderful time with my bb!


2 Kommentare:

  1. haha, hei toki ich glaub wir haben fast die gleiche Brille!xD Naja, schön dass es dir gut geht und du Spass hast (und die Udon Suppe sieht lecker aus!)

  2. *^^* viel spaß euch noch!!~
    schöne fotos =3