Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hi everyone, I'm writing here from Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare's Birthplace *lol*
That whole village just lives from that, I guess... It's so tourist-y!! But well, in that case, I'm a tourist myself, so I should better not speak too loudly *lol*

Anyways, I'm so darn stressed all the time since Saturday!! First the journey to London, then London itself, and God forbid I almost had no energy left when I finally sat in the coach that took us to Stratford! It was the first time in DAYS when I could actually put my earbuds into my ears and listen to my dearest music! I was so deprived of music! It was like my batteries were full again after about 2, 3 hours of listening! But now they're down again... I'm so tired...

I just came from watching Romeo and Juliet. I don't really like this play. It's so difficult to portray all the characters so that you like them and bah... the only one I really really liked was Mercutio! And why is he killed after half of the play?! Because he would out-play sweet, fair Romeo and oh dear, that mustn't happen under any circumstances! But Romeo is such a... GAH! I don't like him...
Anyways, I loved loved LOVED Henry IV at the Globe!!!!!!! OMG, I want to go back to London and watch one play after the other!! It's so aaaawesome to see a play staged there!! *___* Someday I certainly will go back! I'd love to see something like A Midsummer Night's Dream, or Hamlet or Macbeth there!! hah~
So far I've also seen the Tempest in London, on Saturday, and it was also good, but nothing too overwhelming, especially since I've had to study that play for a class I had last term, so I already had quite enough of it.

Anyways... probably not many of you are as ardently in love with Shakespeare as I am... so I'm gonna end this post wiiiith some pictures!

The gang~
These are two girls I hang out with here! I'm glad they're here, otherwise I'd be quite alone...
We also have one and a half guys in our gang, one is always with us and the other one sometimes gets lost to flirt with the other girls (with the pretty ones I guess... I guess we are not his type or something... whew~)

We went to see two castles today... that's a bedroom of the second one. The first one was a ruin, actually.
I don't know whether it was allowed to take pictures of the inside, but I don't really care now, I did it anyways *lol*

Okay, there aren't any other pictures that are not in some way Shakey related, so I'll leave it at that~

And a short reminder to myself: I need to watch Inception.

"What ’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
And may the force be with you!

Anyways, good night now... Looks like I need it...
Oh which reminds me...
I'm in a room with two other girls right now (two of those "pretty" ones...)
I hate them!! I hate people like them... arrogant, stupid bitches...
They're not here yet, and I'm sure they'll come home in the middle of the night with drum rolls and trumpets sounds and without even noticing that someone is sleeping right here!!



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  1. ich bin froh, dass du leute gefunden hast mit denen du da zusammen sein kannst ;_; sonst ist das echt etwas doof!
    ahh~ und ich hasse solche dummen tussen !!
    halt durch kleines tok !!

  2. Dein Kleidchen sieht ja süss aus! Scheinbar habt ihr besseres Wetter als wir hier in Germany...

  3. Oooh, der Neid! XD Ich bin groooßer Shakespeare-Fan!