Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love their new look *_*
Ruki and Uruha blow me away!
And I LOVE what Reita has done with his hairdo ♥ Finally something different! 8D And really curageous of him to do this after such a long time of always having the same hair style! XD btw, white suits him so well! XD
Uruha's red hair is something totally new for him *____* He looks great! ^_^ But it's Uruha anyways XD" when does the man not look great? XD"
Aoi has his hand in front of his face... so... well XD" His hair is really short though.. but he already announced something of the sort XD
And Ruki... wow... he looks so grown up here! And for once he looks really really sexy XD (usually, to me at least, he's either cool, beautiful or cute XD" but here he looks really sexy X3 AND pretty 8D)

These are only small pictures yet, but I'm looking forward to magazine scans already =3


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  1. Ich liebe Uruhas neuen Look, an sich sehen alle Jungs wieder verdammt gut aus. Man hat irgendwie an keinem was auszusetzten *q*

    Und das von Twitter ist zuckersüß.
    Danke für's posten!